So what does it means to have an 'entrepreneurial spirit'?

For me, it has never been easy to answer the question, "So Jenny, what do YOU do" - because there have always been so many answers to that question!

I'm an engineer, and a scientist; an environmentalist and a philanthropist; a business owner and founder. I'm an independent and original thinker, an author, a certified personal development coach, an adventurer, a perpetual student, a music lover, a mentor and guide, and a caring friend!


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I ran the wrong race for more than two decades...

"What would you LOVE?" were some of the first words I heard from Peggy McColl, who I'd travelled to Florida to meet in January, 2018, and she became my coach, my mentor, and my friend.


At the time, I didn't have an answer to her question - I'd never taken the time to even consider it! I mean, who had time to think about things like that in the midst of the daily grind?


Two steps forward, three steps back - that's just the way things sometimes have to go, right? WRONG!


Peggy showed me how we are ALL responsible for choosing and creating our own destiny - and everything I needed to know to build a life that I love!


I've studied with Peggy McColl for nearly four years, and I am honored to now be a Certified Destiny Coach, sharing her incredible 10-step Destiny Key program with others. Click below for more info...

What People are Saying...

Jenny Gough is one of the most amazing women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is brilliant, deeply caring, and is ready to serve you in only positive ways. Follow her guidance and you will be very glad you did!

Peggy McColl

Prosperity Mentor | New York Times Best-Selling Author

Seriously, this course was exactly what I needed - I've always been great at starting, but not finishing. The ideas included in the GSD program have definitely helped me see both a dramatic improvement in my work, and my mind. I'm less stressed and way more organized. Thank you for creating this. So grateful!

Brett D. Scott

Freedom Formula for Success

I highly recommend Jenny Gough as a coach, her programs have truly changed my life. Jenny’s depth of knowledge is like no other -  she combines real life experiences with years of personal development training to provide well-rounded, easy to follow programs where you will receive real results! After taking this program, I now know I am equipped with the tools to conquer all of my goals. Thank you, Jenny!

Chelsea W.